Real Estate For Sale in San Antonio TX
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Real estate for sale. New homes in San Antonio, garden homes, foreclosed homes, discount in new homes, luxury real estate for sale.
San Antonio Texas 78238 United Estates

Homes for lease


For lease central location

914 Alexander Hamilton

Contract pending



For Sale Leon Valley

Cilantro place $175,900

3 bed/ 2 1/2 baths


home for lease

Home for lease $1,500

5708 Watercress

Leon Valley TX 78238

3 Bedrooms 2 1/2 baths



Real estate Discount
Buying a real estate is a big decision, saving money to our clients is our goal, we help you to get the  deal and save.  To learn more.....
When you select our real estate company to represent you, we give you a home warranty protection plan, regardless if you select a pre-owned or a new home, you’re always on the safe side with us. Guaranteed!
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 USAA Military programs

We have new homes available with special discounts and promotions to military personnel use your USAA program to buy a new home. VA loan programs and military discounts. Also, we have foreclosure homes available, HUD homes. Our MLS® listings search can help you find good homes. Use our tools to find your next home FREE, and we help you with the rest. Our Realtors® can help you find the homes for sale San Antonio area.

New homes discount

The home builders are having big specials,  Your US Homes Realty  real estate agent can help you! Why? because we always receive the latest information on homes on sale, promotions, inventory homes and also, if there is no promotions, we can create one for you!  Our real estate services are free for buyers.  Use our real estate  services and save money.

Good Realtors® don’t cost you money; they help you to save money:

In the real estate market an Skilled real estate agents is  your more valuable resource when you are hunting for homes. our Realtors® are the eyes and the ears of the real estate, a good agent can find the deals for you. Our company goes further and shares with our loyal clients the use of resources like the MLS® home searcher to help you hunt for opportunities on your own.

Foreclosed homes for sale

Do you want to save  in real estate? Take a look  in our selection of foreclosed homes for sale , (REOs). Luxury real estate owed by banks. Homes with all the features you expect, located in select areas and unbeatable value. Save time and money in your new home, browse Foreclosures Why pay more for your home?

Foreclosed listings

Buying a bank foreclosure has its own challenges, first you need get advice from your realtor® about the  Foreclosure homes for sale, some time need repairs and  Foreclosures are sold “as is”, that means no repairs are allowed, if for any reason the appraisal from your bank requests any additional repairs, the deal is dead and you can lose your earnest money. Buying foreclosed homes using a back loan is always risky business.

Buying  foreclosures.

You need to have the money in cash or be approved by a bank, second you need to see the house and check if it is in need repairs further that cosmetic, at this point get advice from your realtor®, and if you decide present the an offer take in consideration that the bank who owns the foreclosure is go to try to push you to present a high bid, It is up to you how much you would like to offer, if your offer is low your chances to get the home are very low.

Time is essential in foreclosures:

Foreclosures generally give you 45 days to close, if for any reason you take longer to close, the owner of the REO will impose a fine, in most cases, the fine to close late is $100 per day and this money is non-refundable. 

The Real Estate today. Is the right time to buy?

The crisis in the real estate in the United States is the worst crisis ever, property prices are declining, credit is almost impossible to get, and first time buyers are very faraway to their ownership dream.  Under this scenario, many people are afraid to buy real estate, but the crisis for one, is the opportunity for others. Let’s see how opportunity arises:


Real estate directory



New Model homes

Model homes interior pictures! Visit our virtual tours and learn more about the new homes for sale in San Antonio TX!





Real Estate For Sale in San Antonio TX

Buying  or selling  real estate in San Antonio TX? We can help you find homes for sale, foreclosed homes, luxury homes, new homes,  real estate market conditions, home discounts, incentiv es, new energy saving homes, luxury foreclosures, mortgage calculators and more MLS®  Listings updated daily!

The new homes in the MLS®

We present here all the new homes on the MLS®, this list is updated every day, bookmark our page to check daily the new homes coming to the real estate market


New homes for sale

new homeEver felt like you’re paying too much on monthy bills? With a new home you’ll  have to worry about this again! New Homes have outperformed their older competition in home energy saving, using technology such....To read more about new homes energy savings here

New homes for sale by area

New homes listed by areas, including a MLS® map to give you a visual location of the new contruction homes, save time and save money, ask to our real estate agents how we can help you to get incentives and discounts in new homes!

New homes for sale affordable prices

homesCheck this out, affordable new homes in safe areas, save in energy, home warranty, better use of the space. Homes starting at low's 100's

Luxury new homes for sale

* New homes from $200's to $299's
* New homes from $300 and up
* Luxury new homes

New homes and first time buyers:

Our real estate company always recommends to our first time buyers buy a new home. Why? Because new homes carry 10 years warranty in the structure, and some other additional warranties, protecting the buyers against any potential problem. First time buyers don’t have experience with homes, and if they buy a pre-owned home, it can be too much of challenge for them, their lack of experience makes it more difficult to detect hidden defects like structural damage, pluming, and electric issues. Buying new home doesn’t have to be expensive, in today’s market you can find new homes as low as the $100 thousands, the average price of a pre-owned home. If you want to learn more about the opportunities in the new homes, consult with your realtor® at US Homes Realty and in fewer 30 days you can own your new home!

Residential solar systems

Use the latest technology to help you save energy in your home and cut down the monthly bill . You can take advantage of local utility rebates and the 30% Federal Tax Credit, which expires December 31, 2016. Roof mounted solar PV is the most efficient way to add solar energy to your home. If your roof is not ideal for a solar system, you can install a solar energy system on the ground of your property in areas with maximum sunlight exposure. Homes with solar systems have an average of 50% savings in the use of energy, also you can use solar energy to heat the water for you residential use and save extra energy. Some homebuilders have started using this new technology. If you would like to learn more about the new homes with solar systems consult with your realtor® at Us Homes Realty.


San Antonio real estate listings for sale

housesUsing the  MLS®  browse all the listings for sale, homes for sale in San Antonio by map, our real estate services are free of charge for the buyers, MLS® listings are updated every day! bookmark our pages and be the first to look the new homes coming to the real estate market!


Try our homes financed by the owner and get a second chance to own your home!

Tools for home buyers

Browse or homes for sale by popular ZIP code in San Antonio

Homes for sale in San Antonio TX 78245

Homes for sale in the northside school district, browse our MLS® and look homes for sale for sale in the popular 78245 ZIP code here

Homes for sale in San Antonio TX 78258

The Stone oak have the best schools like the Ronald Reagan or the Barbara Bush, high quality homes and safe areas for your family, browse or homes for sale in the 78258

Buying real estate is a big decision; many aspects are involved including the emotional part. When you are Buying  real estate you shop around, look the best price and the right home for you, and because real estate is going to remain forever in the same place you must take considerations before deciding for your new home.


The #1 rule in real estate. It involves many aspects that affect your life and the life of your family. Good location is different for everybody, and depends where you work, the school for your kids, traffic, and more aspects one must take in consideration before select your new home. Real estate with good location have highest prices, many buyers are forced to get a home acording  to the price. My  recommendation as Realtor®, is balance the location according your budget. Many new areas in the west of the San Antonio can offer  quality life and   affordable prices. If you want learn more about homes for sale contact us.

Real estate market:

People now are more concerned about the future of real estate prices, many homebuyers lose money at time to resell their real estate and there are many factors involved, nobody can predict with exactitude what could be the future price of a particular piece of real estate but we can focus on some of the factors affecting future real estate:

Homes for sale in San Antonio TX 78258

Quality  real estate for sale, here you can find neighborhoods has the reputation to have the best schools, new homes garden for sale,  luxury homes, foreclosed homes. Browse our MLS to find the listings in the zip 78258 here....

Homes for sale in San Antonio TX 78254

The range of prices start at $180’s for a pre-owned homes and about $200’s for  new homes, we have many different neighborhoods and the price of the homes depends on size, features of the subdivision, location and many more factors. To find the exact price you would need to contact us and we’ll be glad to send you a real estate list  in this area, obligation free.